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FULL Compliance with the City of Toronto's Water Discharge Requirements / By-law 
As the owner of a private swimming pool, hot tub or spa, you (and any pool service provider you hire) have a responsibility and legal obligation to safely maintain and operate your pool, hot tub or spa in compliance with the City’s Sewer Use By-law (also known as Municipal Code Chapter 681-Sewers). See link below for more information.

The City of Toronto sets out requirements for the proper operation, maintenance and seasonal closure of pools, hot tubs and spas that will protect the quality of water in Lake Ontario and, ultimately, your drinking water quality.  If either of the links below do not work, please check the City of Toronto website for further details or call 311.


The City’s pool discharge requirements are set out in the “Environmental Best Management Practices (BMP) for Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs/Spas”. This BMP will provide you with what you need to know about operating your pool, hot tub or spa in compliance with the City’s Sewer Use By-law and the BMP.  See link below for more information.

As well, you (or your pool service provider) are legally obligated to report a spill to provincial and municipal authorities if your pool water has been spilled into a stream, river, lake or the storm sewer systems (without proper treatment).

​In compliance with the City of Toronto's City Sewer Use By-law, Stan's Pools Yards uses a DeChlorinator attachment when closing pools in the City of Toronto.  
A Declorinator is an attachment that is used with our industrial pool pump that houses a canister of dechlorination tablets, to reduce/remove the chlorine from your pool water.  

During the pump down process we test your pool water to ensure that the chlorine is within the lawful limit (0.01 mg/L or less).  
DeChlorination of Pool Water 
Salt Water Pools
There is currently no process available to remove salt from pool water.  Salt water is prohibited to be drained into the City of Toronto storm sewer system.  If you have a salt water pool and live in the City of Toronto, contact us for options of how to lawfully drain your salt water pool.
For More Information Contact the City of Toronto
Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 681, Article I - Sewers By-law
The following discharge limits apply to any swimming pool discharges entering Toronto storm sewers:

  • Chlorine – 0.01 mg/L (milligrams per Litre)
  • Bromine – 0.01 mg/L
  • Copper – 0.04 mg/L
  • Salt (Sodium Chloride) - 0.0 mg/L
  • pH Level – 6 to 9.5

​Non-compliance fines are $5,000 to 7,000 for both the home owner 
and pool servicing company. WE wouldn't take a chance on non-compliance                                         so why should YOU?